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Greg D. Fisher, Architect is a design and service-centered practice focusing on simple, progressive, authentic and responsible designs since the firm’s inception in 1993. While there has been continual pressure to add a staff of architects, Greg has remained a one-man firm by choice. This is due to his love of “the project” and his desire to be involved with all aspects of every design. Clients know they will be given very personal attention and will not be “handed off” to others.

Greg is committed to a highly collaborative design approach where clients, users, consultants and builders become part of the design team working side by side with the architect and engineers. In parallel to solving the functional aspects, a commitment is made to discover and architecturally express “the soul” of each project.

Greg has pursued a diversity of building types over the years with the belief that non-specialization leads to broader and more open-minded thinking. The unique characteristics of each place, project and client is used as a source of inspiration and innovation. From large manufacturing facilities to single family homes to non-profit facilities, all are given the same personal care and many have been honored with awards. A special emphasis is placed on projects that wish to embed sustainable (do less or no harm) to regenerative (beneficial and healing) practices.

Through careful listening, strong and persistent communication, an enduring desire to please all and a willingness to work hard, projects are brought in on time, on budget and in a manner that respects all participants. Client satisfaction is evidenced in repeat commissions and referrals from past and existing clients, and contractor relationships have always been positively maintained.

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